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tevilas keylim

Yasher Koakh for your response. I appreciate it very much. I am still wondering about the tevilas keylim of my brother’s kettle for instance. Would you please kindly respond to the question as regard to a kettle or something similar of my brother’s that has never been toiveled. Am I permitted to make use of this?
ב"ה Shalom First of all, I am sorry I didn't see your question sooner, as I have been travelling. Since the stay by your brother is temporary, and the kettle itself is not a vessel which is eaten from directly, it is similar to a situation in a hotel, where someone knows the dishes haven't been toiveled, in which case , Rav Moshe Feinstein zt"l, and Rav Shlomo Zalamd Oirbach zt"l. allowed using the dishes as described in the circumstances above. See: ) שו"ת אגרות משה יורה דעה חלק ג סימן כב, שו"ת מנחת שלמה תניינא (ב - ג) סימן סח וכן מה שהובא בשמו בספר שולחן שלמה אורח חיים סי' שכ"ג, סעיף ז, אות ט.) All the best
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