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Getting a Get


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

25 Tammuz 5763
What is a Jewish woman to do when her husband refuses to give her a Get with the stated intent of using it to blackmail her in the future? What if he states that this position has been upheld by his local Rabbi?
There are unfortunately cases where a husband refuses to give his wife a Get hoping to force her to pay him for it. In some circumstances the woman, in spite of her sense of injustice, might choose to reach a financial arrangement with her husband so as to be free of him as soon as possible. Sometimes the amounts paid to lawyers could exceed the husband's (even unfair) demands. If you are living in the USA, I suggest you contact either the RCA (Rabbinical Council of America) at or The Young Israel Council of Rabbis at tel. 212 929 1525 ext. 285. It is important to discuss your situation with someone local (and hopefully these organizations can refer you to someone near you) who knows the possibilities available to you.
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