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The Vilna Shas and dispute


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tevet 7, 5778
What was the Machlokes between Rabbi Akiva Eiger and others about the Vilna Shas? And who disagreed with Rabbi Akiva Eiger?
It was a significant investment to print the Talmud so the printers of the Slavuta Talmud received a guarantee from the rabbis that no-one else can print a Talmud within 25 years, to insure that they will sell them all and not “get stuck” with copies. There was a difference of opinion from when to count those 25 years, and in 1834/5594, the Vilna printers began to print their competitive Talmud edition, which according to the Slavuta printers, was too early. What incited the issue even more was that the Vilna printers were mitnagdim, and the Slavuta printers, chassidim. R. Akiva Eiger, the Chatam Sofer and others sided with Vilna, as opposed to Rav Yakov Orenstein- the Yeshu’ot Yaakov, Chassidic and other rabbis from Galicia and Poland, who sided with the chassidim.
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