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Tevilla of a bottle lid


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 2, 5777
I toivelled a glass bottle decanter (to hold wine), but I could not find the lid. Then I found it after I got back from the Mikve. Do I need to toivel the lid, as it does not come in contact with the liquid (there is a plastic section at the bottom of the glass of the lid). Thanks (we are Sephardi if it makes any difference).
ב"ה Shalom Since, the lid does not touch the wine and even if does, it would only be the plastic part which doesn’t require tevila, and would probably close the bottle even without the glass, it would seem that the lid doesn’t need tevila. However, if you wish to remove all doubt, since it is not a big bother, the next time you have to toivel a dish which requires a bracha , bring it along make the Bracha on the dish definitely requires tevila and place them in the mikveh together. All the best
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