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"tablet" = mukzah?


Rabbi David Sperling

Nisan 8, 5774
Firstly I would like to thank you for the answers I received already. I was wondering if a tablet is considered muktza machmas chisaron cis.
Shalom, I am glad that our site is of help to you – may you merit to continue in your learning of Torah! Of course it is difficult to give a clear ruling about new electronic items in relation to mukzah – the way people treat these items changes very quickly, and this effects the halacha. But none the less, it seems to me that a "Tablet" is not mukzah machmat chesaron kis. See the Igrot Moshe (Orech Haim 5, 21 – 3) where he writes that important electrical devices, even though they are important (such as tape recorder – in his day), "if one is not particular all week long they are not 'mukzah machmat chesaron kis' … only items that one refrains from using for fear they will break because of using them can be considered 'mukzah machmat chesaron kis'". As such, it seems to me that things that are carried around from place to place, in ones bag etc, are left lying around, and are not generally kept "under guard" – as say a surgeons knife would be – are not this type of mukzah. Of course it is still mukzah as a kli sh'melachto le'issur. This is my own opinion – and I am always open to hearing the opinions of those more learned then myself. Blessings.
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