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Forgotten hefsek tahara


Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

Shevat 12, 5774
Shalom, I am almost 9 weeks after birth. Yesterday I made hefsek tahara, and I found a little tiny pinkish-red ketem on the bdika cloth. the bdika was quite unpleasent, and I might hurt myself with the cloth inside, I don’t know. So I would have done another check today before sunset. I did the fast-check before I went to daycare to take my big one. It was completely clean. It was 30-45 minutesbefore sunset. And then I forgot to make the hefsek tahara. When I realized I immidiatelly checked myself again (it was about 15 minutes after sunset), and it was completely clean again. Is there any way to start now the 7 clean days? Otherswise my mikve night would fall on Shabat. I live in a tiny village without mikvah, but since it is very next to a bigger one with mikvah, it can be done on Shabat. The problem is that if anyone sees me in the bigger village they will know why I am there. They same thing here if my husband doesn’t go to shul (someone has to stay with the kids), people ask him why didn’t he go. The same if he goes with the baby. It happened before. Thank you!
Shalom and Mazal Tov, If you checked then it is fine even if it was done before sunset. Therefore the check that you did is considered fine. Kol Tuv
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