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Can a husband be present at his child’s birth?


Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

4 Adar I 5763
My wife insists that I be present at her giving a birth. The reason is that she is afraid and wants support. I can’t say no. According to Halacha, am I permitted to be present at her giving birth? Is there are any liniencies? Thanks.
Dear Eliyahu, The poskim were already asked this question and presented a number of answers. Some poskim are of the opinion that the husband should not be present at the birth as it is unneccesary and is a problem of tzniut. However other poskim said that if the wife insists that her husband is present then it becomes almost like pikuach nefesh and in order that she should be as calm as possible at the birth it is permitted. However when the woman becomes niddah it is forbidden to touch her or to see her uncovered. The wife becomes niddah when she bleeds or when she has an opening of four cm or more or has close contractions. Throughout it is forbidden to see the place from where the child is born and therefore the husband should stand near her head and can encourage her and offer support from there. Kol Tuv Gideon Weitzman
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