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broken mouthpiece in Shofar


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 8, 5773
bs’d Very interesting article by Rabbi Kaganoff: The problem we have is a Shofar with a small chip broken off in the mouthpiece which is about 1/5 or so of the size of the whole mouthpiece. The Shofar stills blows perfectly fine with no change in it’s sound. From reading the article it sounds like this doesn’t posul the Shofar. Is that correct? Also,it would seem to be alright to smooth the broken area with sandpaper or whatever - correct? Or even cut the mouthpiece down a little to eliminate that area- correct? Kol Tuv, labe
ב"ה Dear Labe, From what you describe it still seems to constitute a hole, and where another shofar is available it's best not to use it. I obviously can't see the chip and if it forms a crack length wise according to the Mishna brura, though it's kosher it is to be relied upon only when there is no choice. (שולחן ערוך או"ח תקפ"ו ,ו,ח משנ"ב ס"ק מג:) The chip may be corrected by sanding or cutting as long as the shofar is still big enough after being cut but it may not be practical if the hole by the mouthpiece gets too wide. The cut away piece, should not be discarded in a disrespectful way, though it does not require geniza. Having said what I did, it is still the best to simply show the Shofar to Rabbi and get the most accurate answer. May Hashem inscribe for happy and healthy new year.
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