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Rabbi Jonathan Blass29 Tevet 5764
Is it acceptable to have letters in a Sefer Torah dedicated to both men and women? We are completing to write a Sefer Torah, in honor of the memory of my parents and my wife’s parents.Soon we will have a dedication. It is common to have a letter written in the name of a person. Is it acceptable to have a letter written in the name of my daughters, daughters in law, sister, aunts, and other ladies? Only a Sofer or his designee will write in the Torah. No woman will write even one letter in the Torah. Naturally men, approved by the Sofer, will be able to write a letter.
Although a woman does not write a sefer Torah (Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 281 3), there is no problem in a sofer writing a Torah or part of it and having it dedicated to the honor or memory of a woman.
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