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ritual hand washing, netilat yadim


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Cheshvan 15, 5773
B’H Does one ritually wash hands each time one has bread?, wherever one is? ie, travel, stores, work? Or only when it is hamotzee with meal, or just on shabbat?, or just bread?(mezanot?) Thank You
Shalom, Thanks for your question. We wash our hands each time we eat bread made from the 5 types of grain: wheat, barley, spelt, rye, oats. If the bread is eaten with other types of food or drink (apart from wine) no other brachot are necessary apart from HaMotzi. If one was to eat a substantial amount of crackers, cake, cookies, pastry - he would need to also was his hands and say HaMotzi. We wash our hands and say HaMotzi in any setting- including work and on the go. Saying a bracha before we eat is G-ds incredible way of making us stop to appreciate all the good we have been given. One who is able to appreciate even the small things in life is bound to live a life of deep happiness. B'tei avon Rabbi Baruch Kitay
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