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Unsure If i am learning Talmud correctly


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Cheshvan 30, 5783
I dont know if I am learning the Talmud correctly or doing something wrong. I have read for example chapter 2 of avoda zara.It has not done much for me.It may be my ignorance.I did not really get anything out of it.Should I be doing something after i have read it.I dont know if the English was just Mishna or if it contained Gemara.It was from sefaria .org.
ב"ה Shalom I have no idea of your learning background, nor do I know what expectations you had in learning what you chose, so it is difficult to send you in the right direction. I will try to give some general guidelines and with G-d's help it , perhaps it will lead you in the right direction. King David has said in Tehillim that "God's Torah is all encompassing and restores the soul…" so there must be a different area of the Talmud or of the Torah in general to which you can relate to better. So, if you did not find satisfaction in studying Talmud there are some many fields of Torah to study. There are the 5 Chumashim , the prophets and their commentaries. There are endless books on Jewish law, ethics, Midrashim, Jewish thought and so much more. Sometimes, by just entering a Torah library there will be something which catches your eye and you will want to explore. If you have near you some Torah leaning institution, perhaps there is an educator there who can give more guidance. All the best
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