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Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Av 27, 5782
Thank you so much, just to clarify, a hold of 2 cm in the pot? And also how do I measure if it can live for 2 weeks. (For example I already planted 2 trees, they came out with all the soil in the pot, and I loosened the roots a bit on the bottom, but there was pretty much still the whole pot of soil around both) is that good?similarly, if I am not sure if there was a 2 cm hole, can we say safek in chootz is lehakel? Also if the pot doesn’t have a 2 cm hole, but has many, is that fine?
Thank you for your question, 1. Yes, 2 cm in the bottom of the pot. 2. It seems very probable that the plant could live that way for two weeks. 3. You are right that a doubt of Orla in להקל חוץ לארץ (is ruled on in a lenient way). Additionally there are lenient opinions on the size of the hole. see the Peninei Halacha that I mentioned in the last answer. In Machon Hatora V'haaretz they mention a variety of opinions on the measurements of the hole: a millimeter, a half centimeter, a full centimeter, 2-2.5 centimeters, 4 centimeters. (the Peninei Halacha quotes Rav Goren that there is not even a need for a hole since the tree naturally bursts through the plastic bag. (See the end of the answer hallacha lemaase). 4. There is a safek (halachic doubt) about adding up many holes. See Hatora vehaaretz 1. 228, sminchat shomo (70). Since there are a few doubts in your case you can be lenient and count the three years of Orla from the time it was in the first pot (I assume that when it was in the first pot there was no halachic chazizah (block) between the pot and the ground). All the best!
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