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Sheva Brachot at chuppah


Rabbi David Sperling

Elul 19, 5772
Can the father of Chattan and/or Kallah recite the Birchot Eirusin or Nisu’in (Sheva Brachot) at the Chuppah? many thanks Adam
Shalom, First of all let me apologize for the delay in answering your question. We have had some technichal problems at the site, which have meant that I only now received your query. I hope this question means that I can wish you a hearty "mazal tov"! Yes, a father may bless either of the blessings at the chuppah - the blessing of Eirusin or the Sheva Brachot. I have seen many Rabbis who performed the wedding for their own children and said the Erusin Bracha, and many weddings where the fathers each said one of the sheva brachot. Of course all this is true only if the Rabbi who is performing the wedding agrees, as many communities have strict rules as to who should be allowed to say these blessings so as to ensure that all chuppot will be of a uniform standard. Again - Mazal Tov
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