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Side blown shofar


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Kislev 22, 5782
Is a kudu horn with the mouthpiece in the side, instead of on the end as is normally the case, kosher? I have found no commentary on this anywhere. Thank you
In Yemen it was common to use the kudu horn. Some felt that it is not a proper minhag, mainly because it is unclear if the kudu is a kosher animal (if it isn’t a kosher animal it would mean that the shofar isn’t kosher). Others felt that it is a proper minhag (see the book Badei Aharon by Harav Re'em HaCohain page 242, and Hashofar V'hilchotav by Harav Yechiel Michel Shtern page 29). In terms of the mouthpiece being on the side; I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Is there a mouthpiece at the end like most shofars besides the mouthpiece on the side? You can send me a picture of the shofar to my email danielhk[email protected], and I can examine it closer. All the best
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