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Tachanun and Nefilat Apayim


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 8, 5782
Hello, I pray Mincha with a minyan at my office. After the Amida, it doesnt seem like people are saying Tachunun. Though, the Hazan says עזרנו אלוקי ישענו before proceeding to kaddish. There is no Sefer Torah present, so I understand why nobody sits and covers their faces, but shouldnt they still say Tachunun beginning with ויאמר דוד אל גד? Thanks for your help. Best, Brandon
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Yes, you correct in thinking that even when we do not “fall on our faces” at tachanun – because there is not Sefer Torah – we still say tachanun. However, there are many reasons why sometimes it is left out. On certain days of the year (the month of Nissan for example); when there is a mohel or chatan present; and in some communities, when people are on the road travelling. Perhaps there is a reason they do not say it in your minyan. Why don’t you (politely) ask the chazan what’s going on – and feel free to be in touch again with his answer, and we’d be more than happy to advice on it’s halachic acceptability. Blessings.
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