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Terumah and Maaser on Herbs and Spices

Rabbi Ari ShvatAv 8, 5780
Hi Rabbi, I would like to know what the halocha is for Herbs and Spices with regards to Terumah and Maaser. I have some growing in pots on my mirpeset Thanks
Regarding Nana leaves, oregano and other herbal leaves which are used for making tea or just used as spices, you take Truma and ma'asrot but without a bracha. If they are eaten as food themselves, like basilica or chives, than you do make a bracha, unless the mirpeset is covered with a roof, then you wouldn't make a bracha even on fruit, vegetables or eaten herbs that grow there (just tithe without a bracha). In any event, this is all regarding the Land of Israel, but outside, you need not take tru"m no matter what.
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