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Conversion if Husband Opposes


Various Rabbis

Kislev 3, 5771
Dear Rabbi, One woman would like to do Giur. Her father is Jew,and her husband is a Goy. Can she to do Giur if her husband objects? And if her father is Jew can an easy way for her? Sincerely yours M.Pendler
I think there are a few things this woman should know about Conversion before she considers it further. For a start, a convert has to take upon him or herself all of the 613 commandments, whereby one of those commandments is the prohibition to marry or have relations with a non-Jew. Even if she converted despite her husbands objections - she would still be marred to a non-Jew. No Rabbinical Court would allow a conversion in such a circumstance. Should she be in a position where she is not married to a non Jew then atleast there would be some way to move forward. In the meantime I recommend her to take upon herself the 7 Noahide laws and to spread these laws amongst her friends, family and community. Rabbi Baruch Kitay
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