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Saying the Name of G-D

B’’H It recently came by me that the Maharsha said that during Torah study, one may pronounce the Name of G-D. I am wondering, by Name of G-D, does he mean the 4-Letter Name(i.e. Y-K-W-K) or another Name such as "Adonai" or "Elohim"? And if indeed his reference is to the 4-letter Name, it is to my knowledge that the proper way to pronounce The Name is unknown.
The four letter name of Hashem is not to be pronounced as written but rather in the form of “Adonai” (Pesachim 50a) The source you mentioned is to teach that when you encounter a Pasuk during Torah study you read it with Hshem’s name rather than saying “Hashem” (Sheilat Yavetz 81, Igrot Moshe OC2 56)
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