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Issac and Sara and Rebbeca


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

10 Tishrei 5766
1.How old was Sarah when she died and why did she die? 2.How did Issac find his wife? 3.What was Issac’s brother-in law’s name and what was he famous for? 4.What was Issac’s handicap? 5.How old was Issac when he was almost sacrificed? 6.What is the gematria of Issac’s hebrew name and what does it mean? 7.What were the 3 miracles that occured when sarah was alive in her house and disappeared when she died and then came back when rebecca came? 8.Who was greater;Issac or Rebecca? Why?
Looks like I am helping you with your homework… 1. 127, she thought her son is dead 2. his fathers servant found her for him 3. Lavan, liar 4. blind 5. 37 6. 208 ? 7. blessing in the dough, cloud tied to the tent, candle lit from Friday to Friday 8. Isaac, both his parents were righteous .
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