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Reproof for driving on Shabbat

Rabbi Berel Wein2 Kislev 5763
As a member of an Orthodox community, I would like to know the most appropriate way of preventing a Non-Observant member from driving his car to Beit Kenesset on Shabbat. This person is a personal freind of mine and feels very connected to his Jewish faith, but years have passed and he continues to drive on Shabbat. Our Rabbi, for some good reason I am sure, tends to look away from this. How should I, if at all, get involved in helping to remedy this? Thank you for your precious time.
If you feel, as your rabbi apparently does, that there is little chance of his listening to you then you should remain quiet. If however you feel that there is a chance that he could be persuaded then speak to him courteously and serenely. Best wishes. Rabbi Berel Wein
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