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Rabbi Jonathan Blass27 Tevet 5764
I always daven Shachris, but I very rarely daven Mincha or Maariv. I feel that I am lacking an appreciation for Davening. I just don’t feel much when I Daven. This has been going on for many years. How do I break this cycle? I have tried to just say "that’s it, I’m just going to daven from now on no matter what", but that just seems to falter after a few weeks. How can I break this cycle?
Two suggestions that complement each other: 1. Daven in a regular, small Minyan, where everyone knows you and you know everyone. You will be part of the davening as a social activity as well as for its own sake and your absence will be felt. 2. Attend classes that you enjoy on the Mitzva of davening and even more important- on the meaning of the individual prayers. B'hatzlacha!
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