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What Is the Procedure for Tisha B'av This Motzei Shabbat-sunday?


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Av 5 5781
The primary restrictions of the day (no eating, drinking, bathing, oils/creams, or marital relations) begin at sunset on Shabbat (7:48 pm in Ra’anana). Regular meals with meat & wine may be eaten on Shabbat, including seuda shlisheit, which is the seuda mafseket before the fast. Leather shoes are removed 25 min. after sunset. Many daven early Mincha & return only after Shabbat w/non-leather shoes; or one may bring special shoes on Friday, or simply take off one's shoes at Barchu. We sit low to say Eicha; a candle is lit & the bracha of borei m'orei ha-aish is said. The Parochet is removed from the Aron. On Sunday, Talit & Tefilin are worn at Mincha rather than Shacharit; we say Kinot. Va'y'chal is read at Mincha and Nachem & Anenu are added to the Amida then. Havdala after the fast (8:07 pm) is said on wine only (no spices). Kiddush L’vana is customarily said on Sunday night after the Fast. Many hold that meat, wine, laundry & haircuts should be delayed until midday.

How to Prepare for the Fast: Fasting is not meant as an "affliction" or punishment; it is a form of teshuva, & allows us to concentrate on our spiritual, rather than physiological side on this day. To prepare properly, drink at least 8 full glasses of water on erev Tisha B'Av & avoid caffeinated beverages and salty foods such as lox, pickles or pretzels.
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