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words choma and kotel

Rabbi Ari ShvatTammuz 17, 5777
Also, this word for protecting wall or chomah? Does this word have a similar root to chom, or husband’s father (father in law)?? And why is Chomah a different word than Kotel? Does Kotel just mean more specifically a foundation wall? Where does the word Kotel appear in the Tanakh??
There are grammarians who opine that even 2 common letters in a root infers that there’s an association between the 2 roots (and you can imagine what the connection is…), while others feel that only 3 identical letter roots can be considered one “family”. A choma is a protective wall, like around a city, while kotel is a smaller wall, like of a building. The word Kotel appears in Shir HaShirim (song of Songs) 2, 9.
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