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Purim Seuda


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar II 22, 5776
I understand theat the Rama states that one should eat before chatzot hayom. Does that mean that one can eat the seuda immediately after shacharit and mishloach manot, i.e. breakfast? Thank you and Purim Sameach Ronnie Cohen
ב"ה, כ"ב אדר ב תשע"ו Shalom, I'm sorry but your question came to my "desk" only after Purim, so I couldn't answer you earlier and this year your question is no longer practical. Nonetheless, for the sake of explaining the Halacha and Torah teaching I will answer. As you pointed out the Rema(תרצ"ה:ב) says to make the purim Se'uda before Chatzot in order to honor Shabbat. It does not have to be immediately after Shacharit as long as it is before Chatzot. The Mishna Berura points out that this is "lechatchila", meaning if he didn't start on time a person still must have a se'uda. Although, the Rema points out that one may make the s'euda in the morning even when Purim is not on Friday. All the best
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