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Derivatives of Canola Oil


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Nisan 13, 5773
Shalom, We follow those that allow eating liftit (rapeseed) on Pesach. We bought margerine that has among the ingredients Rapeseed Oil (Canola). Is that also allowed? How about Canola Oil in general?
Rapeseed and canola oil are one and the same. The name canola is an acronym for Canadian oil, low acid. The low acid referring to the low erucic acid. Having said that, from the Halachic point of view, many Gedolim did not consider rapeseed as Kitniot. Among them are the former Chief Rabbis of Israel , Rav Avraham Shapira zt"l and Rav Mordechai Eliyau zt"l. This is based upon the opinion of Gedolim of the previous generation such as the Avnei Nezer, Rav Avraham Burshtein zt"l, Av Bet Din of Sokatatshov , .( שו"ת אבני נזר חלק או"ח סימן תקלג the Maharsham (שו"ת מהרש"ם חלק א סימן קפג) and the Chelkat Yakov.( או"ח סימן רז ד"ה ג)who all permitted rapeseed oil if in the process of production the rapeseed did not come in contact with water, which is the way the oil is produced today. But as in other issues of Pessach there are those who are more stringent. Therefore in regard to the margarine, if the rapeseed is the only problematic ingredient it may be eaten on Pessach and also canola oil may be used on Pessach even by those who refrain from Kitniyot. Chag kasher veSame'ach.
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