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Lubricant Kashrus question


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Cheshvan 7, 5783
I and am wondering whether it is okay for lubricant to go in ones mouth from a Kashrus perspective. does it make a difference if the lubricant is vegan certified (I know vegan does not mean kosher).
ב"ה Shalom Mazal tov upon your marriage. As always, it always best when thing are kosher. Pure Vaseline does not need kosher certification. In regard to lip balms, some Rabbi are of the opinion that since the lip balm has a foul taste, we do not need to be concerned about Kashrut. On the other hand , there are lip balms with flavors and therefore some Rabbis who require Kashrut. However, we can be lenient, since the lip balm is not meant to be eaten, and even if some particles would get onto some food it would be annulled by 60 times more food. When a product is marked "Vegan" it does not solve all Kashrut problems. All the best
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