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Havdalah on Chol Hamoed


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Tishrei 25, 5783
Do you also say the Brocha Layshave BaSuccah Do you also say Al Hagefen afterwards
Thank you for your question, Yes. You say Hagefen before the Brocha of Havdalla. You also say Layshave BaSuccah. It is preferable to say Layshave BaSuccah before you say Hagefen (see halichot shlomo page 160, and shemirat shabbat kehilchata part 2 page 230, seif 22). In summary the order is: 1. Birkat Layshave BaSuccah, 2. Birkat Hagefen. 3. Birkat Havdalla. All the best!
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