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Step grandma


Rabbi David Sperling

Kislev 13, 5782
Hello dear I hope you’re doing well I’m a Kurdish girl, and I’m seeking form answer my question, My mother’s step mother was jew, Dose anything in Judaism support me to be a part of jews community? Even I know Hebrew language very well, so there’s any thing to be benefit me ?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. In Jewish law one’s Judaism is based on their biological mother being Jewish (and her mother and so forth). In your case, it sounds as if your biological mother was not Jewish, and as such you are not considered as a Jew. It also sounds as if you were not bought up in Jewish culture and community – which would not make you a Jew, but perhaps be good reason to want to go through the conversion process. On the other hand you write that you know Hebrew – which indicates some connection to the Jewish people. In general, someone who is not Jewish needs to go through a long and difficult process of conversion, which involves taking on all the commandments, and lifestyle of a religious Jew. That is a huge step that you would want to think about very seriously before undertaking. On the other hand, with your Jewish connections, it would be a great idea for you to learn more about the Jewish people, and become a great friend of the Jewish people. I’m sure you would benefit from any connection you would make with Judaism and Jews in general. Many blessings.
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