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Tefillat Haderech between Yerushalaim & Tel Aviv

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky20 Cheshvan 5765
Is one required to say Tefillat Haderech when traveling from Yerushalayim to the Tel Aviv area (and vice-versa)? If so, where along the road would be the appropriate place to say it?
There is a dispute as to whether the distance of travel is measured in miles or time, so there is a question about TA-Jslm. There are several customs to get around this, like saying THD without G-d's name or saying it as part of the Shema Kolaynu blessing of Shacharit. I personally say Tefilat Haderech, the place is after getting outside the city on the main highway, from Jslm after passing the cemtary in Har HaMenuchot.
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