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Log Burner on Shabbat


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tishrei 30, 5781
We have a question regarding our property which has a log burner as the only source for heat with no way of using gas or electricity and also no goyim to light the stove for the Shabbos. But when it comes to Shabbos what is the halachah? We have in our family 6 children 1 of which is only a few months old and the temperature can get too cold for him, I believe many years ago when it came to health there were no prohibitions to light fire for heat (but not cooking etc.)? Are there also any sources that say you would desecrate the Shabbos lighting the stove for health reasons? Of course when the Sadducees read only the Torah and not oral law they took it to mean that the Torah meant no fires at all and sat in darkness and the cold...
If in fact there really is no way to heat electrically nor with gas, then theoretically you must heat for the baby's health in any way possible. Nevertheless, I find it difficult to imagine that if you have electricity for your computer, why can't you arrange to heat electrically, as well? You must find and utilize any way possible to arrange the heat before Shabbat.
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