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I want to become religious


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tammuz 29, 5780
Id like to become religious. I was raised jew-ish, as I like to call it, going to synagogue on the high holidays, and going to Hebrew school for a few years. Ive always wanted to become more religious, but I havent had the time, until now. The problem is that I dont know where to start. I have a siddur, kippah, and tallit. I know how to read hebrew, and write the characters, but dont understand the meaning. My question is : Where do I start? (with no access to synagogues)
ב"ה Shalom, I am very glad to hear of your desire to become more religious and I'll try through this answer to get you somewhat started. In order to become more knowledgeable of your Jewishness and your Jewish heritage it requires mostly learning but also guidance. There are myriad things to begin to learn about both in theory and practice, and it would be best to be in touch with someone personally who will get to know what you connect with more easily and to begin a learning process. Becoming religious, is learning more about your faith, your nation, the Torah and its commandments. There are many practical things also to deal with such as keeping Shabbat, the putting on of Tefillin, learning of how to keep kosher, prayer, Mezuzah and much more. The best would be to find a Yeshiva or "Kolel" near you where young men learn Torah all day or part of it and would be able to sit and lean with you. However, on the practical side you say you have no access to Synagogues, so you will have to access a phone and the internet. You should look up the orthodox Jewish community which you feel you can contact and connect to. Speak to the Rabbi. Perhaps he can teach you or once he knows you live or work, he can find someone to learn with you and guide you. Until then go to a Jewish book store and see what books are available that suit you or find reliable websites as you have found this one and read up on things that interest you. I hope that I have helped a bit. You can always be in touch again. All the best
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