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Corn Bread Bracha


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 10, 5772
Hello Rabbi, I got a recipe for corn flat bread. The recipe calls for 2 cups of corn meal and one cup of vital wheat glutenand one package of quick yeast. I’m not sure what gluten qualifies in halacha (don’t want to make a hamotzi where I shouldn’t!) Also the ingredients are mixed with warm water. Thank you! Aliza
Shalom, Even though vital wheat gluten is a wheat product, it is not considered the major part of the wheat. As such it does not have the blessing of normal wheat, but "shehakol". Corn flour is also "shehakol". Your "bread" then is "shehakol" and does not require washing for it. (see "Zot HaBracha" birurim 24b) Blessings, D.Sperling
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