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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tevet 7, 5771
If I am behind the minyon do I skip to where they are or do I continue in order but miss out on what the minyon says. Please refer to the specific examples below. a) The minyon is taking out the Torah and saying the relevant prayer and I am still saying Tachanun. b) The minyon is putting back the Torah and I am saying Uva L"Zion. c) On Shabbos, the Minyon is saying Anum Zemeros and I am still saying Olainu. Thank You
ב"ה 6 Tevet I received your question only a few days ago. Although the order of the Tefilla until the Shmoneh Esreh is most essential and is governed by strict Halachot when someone has to catch up with the Tzibur, there are also guidelines to follow after Shmoneh Esreh. a.If you daven a bit slower than others you must make sure that you say the parts of Tachanun that require a minyan (13 Middot) with the minyan. It is also important that Nefilat apaim is said with the minyan. (see Sha'arei Tshuva 131:2). a.According to (Yesod veshoresh Ha'avoda 5:8) one may interrupt the Tachanun in order to say "Brich Shmei" because of the importance of saying it. b. It should be known that it is important to say "Uva Letzion" from "veAta Kadosh""with the Tzibur. The mishna brura (132:3) says that saying "veAta Kadosh" with Tzibur takes precedence over Ashrei and Lamenatze'ach. Therefore if you behave in this manner, you will be with the rest of the Tzibur when they are putting back the sefer Torah and laterr you will complete and Ashrei and Lamenatze'ach. C. Due to the importance of Aleinu (See Chaye Adam 32: 35) , you should continue to say aleinu. Although Anim zemirot is also a very important prayer (See Levush 133) Aleinu seems to take precedence since it is said every day while the minhag today is to see Anim Zemirot only on Shabbat and moe'd.
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