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קטגוריה משנית
Shalom: God willing we are expecting a baby boy next month and me and my wife are thinking about choosing a name for the newborn boy. Since my father passed away a few years ago and his name was David, i want to have the newborn baby’s first name David as well, can I use the first name David as the baby’s Jewish name as well since it was my dad’s Jewish name or the baby’s Jewish name has to be his middle name.? Thanks so much Happy Pesach
Shalom, First of all let me send you blessings that you should have a healthy birth and merit to raise your child to be a pleasure to yourselves, and benefit to the Jewish people. It is certainly a wonderful thing to name your son in the memory of your father. This is a fine way to honor your late father. When naming a child after someone, the most important name is their Jewish name. In your case your father had the same Jewish and secular name (which is also a fine thing), you should follow the same pattern with your son. There is no obligation to use a second name at all – neither for the Jewish or secular names, and certainly no reason that the Jewish name should be the second name of the secular name. The opposite is true – it is even better that the Jewish name should be the same as the secular name, and in the same order. [Though there are those who have different secular and Jewish names]. I hope this answers your question – if not please feel free to get back in touch with us. Blessings.
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