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Returning to a Plattah on Shabbat


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

2 Tevet 5767
A woman cooked a Chulent with meat before Shabbat. It was at least one third done. She took it off the stove with intentions to put it on the Plattah (Hot Plate) before Shabbat but forgot. May she now put it on the Plattah after candle lighting (the pot was still warm)? And if she did put it on may the family eat the Chulent?
Unless the dish is fully cooked – any additional heating even if boiling, is strictly prohibited, therefore, since the Chulent is not fully cooked it can’t be placed on any heating source after Shabbat was brought in (i.e. candle lighting) (Shulchan Aruch OC 318:4) Since there are opinions in the Rishonim that hold it to be permissible, if by mistake done, the food can be eaten on Shabbat. (Biur Halacha “Afilu” ibid)
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