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Beis Din today


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

2 Cheshvan 5766
I am looking for any liturature that desribes the Beis din process,its methods and the scope of issues that it deals with in these times. Additionally, how litigants are summoned, how the process moves forward in-between sessions, etc.
If you read Hebrew a possible source is: Civil Procedure in Jewish Law (Seder HaDin) by Prof. Eliav Shochetman. 532 pp. A presentation of the norms of judicial procedure in Jewish law, based upon both classical sources of Jewish law and rulings of the rabbinical courts in Israel. This volume, for the first time, acquaints the legal community with the procedure for conducting cases in the Rabbinical courts according to Jewish law - in terms of both theory and practice. This volume, which focuses specifically upon civil procedure, also includes a comparison to the procedures in the courts of general jurisdiction. Contents INTRODUCTION Chapter One: THE COURT AND ITS PROCEDURES Chapter Two: PARTIES AND THEIR REPRESENTATION Chapter Three: COURT VENUE Chapter Four: PLEADINGS Chapter Five: SERVICE OF PROCESS Chapter Six: TIME OF THE HEARING Chapter Seven: IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL OF THE CLAIM, ITS CANCELATION, POSTPONEMENT, OR ABANDONMENT Chapter Eight: FAILURE TO APPEAR AT THE HEARING Chapter Nine: THE HEARING Chapter Ten: COMPROMISE SUGGESTION TO THE PARTIES Chapter Eleven: THE ORAL HEARING (ARGUMENTS) Chapter Twelve: WITNESSES AND EVIDENCE Chapter Thirteen: EXAMINATION OF PARTIES AND WITNESSES Chapter Fourteen: PROTOCOL Chapter Fifteen: THE JUDGEMENT Chapter Sixteen: INCIDENTAL RELIEF: INTEREST, LINKAGE AND COSTS Chapter Seventeen: TEMPORARY RELIEF: ATTACHMENT OF PROPERTY, PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION AND NE EXEAT REGNO Chapter Eighteen: NON-FINALITY OF JUDGMENTS Chapter Nineteen: THE APPEAL
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