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Destruction of the Tabernacle


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

13 Adar I 5765
Right after Shacharit this morning I went to study in my Chavrusa. An important question was raised which we were not able to answer. We were hoping that you Rabbis would be able to answer. "Who destroyed the tabernacle (Mishkan) in Nov and where do we derive this answer?
The Talmud in tractate Zevachim 118b, lists all the places that the Ohel Moed was, and why it moved from one place to another. The Talmud stats that when Eli HaCohen died (Shmuel a 4) Shilo was destroyed and the Ohel Moed was moved to Nov, King Shaul destroyes Nov (Shmuel a 22) hence from Nov it moved to Givon. Keep up the good work – learn hard and don't stop asking.
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