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Respect for grandparents


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

8 Tevet 5764
What does the Torah say about respect for grandparents by grandchildren. My husband was fired by my parents for badly behaving at work. My son, who is 18, will not believe my parents or myself and in his anger and to show support for his father, returns gifts to my parents and has even disrespected my father on the Bimah at Shul. He will not see them and has no intention of apologizing. This of course has strained our relationship because he has tried to convince me that what he did to my parents has nothing to do with me. I disagree and would like your opinion.
A grandson is required to respect his grandparents, but this respect is less than the respect owed his parents (R'ma Yoreh Deah 240 24). You might suggest to your husband that it would be healthier for your son to maintain a distance from the family disputes but this is not always possible.
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