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parshat Vayera

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shutterstockThe Torah's Stand on Land Concessions for Peace
A short video about the Parasha "Vayera".
  • The Torah's Stand on Land Concessions for Peace
    What is the Torah's view on giving away land in order to make a peace agreement with other nations? This week's Parasha "Vayera" gives us an insight into this question.
  • Insights
    The Path of Avraham Avinu
    A shiur by rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed about the weely portion "vayera".
  • שיג ושיח
    Negative capability
    A shiur by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks about the weekly portion "Vayera".
  • חופשי 2.png
    Three angels - Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
    Abraham, father of monotheism, knew the paradoxical truth that to live the life of faith is to see the trace of God in the face of the stranger
  • Ma’acha Spells Trouble
    Our parasha ends with a list of the offspring of Avraham’s brother, Nachor, most important among them being Rivka, the daughter of his son, Betuel. While most of the children (eight) were from his wife, Milka, he also had four children from his concubine, Reuma (see Bereishit 22:23-24). Thus, there were twelve children, which certainly reminds us of the twelve tribes that were born to Yaakov from his wives (8) and servants (4). While some say that the reason for all this genealogy is to understand where Rivka came from (see Rashi ad loc.), we will try to figure out who the last person mentioned in the list, Ma’acha, was, and what Ma’acha’s connection to Bnei Yisrael was over time.
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