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Parasha Summary - Vayera


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Three days after his brit, Avraham is visited by 3 angels in human form; Avraham rushes to welcome them despite his pain. Sara laughs upon hearing that she will bear a son next year.

Hashem says He will destroy Sodom, & Avraham pleads for Sodom to be spared; but, after intense negotiations with G-d, not even 10 righteous people can be found there. Lot, his wife & 2 daughters are rescued just before Sodom burns. Lot's wife looks back & turns into a pillar of salt. Lot's daughters fear the world is ending. They get their father drunk & through them, Moav & Ammon are born.

Avimelech abducts Sara. G-d appears to Avimelech in a dream & he releases Sara. As promised, a son Yitzchak is born to Sara & Avraham; his brit is on the 8th day. Sara tells Avraham to banish Hagar & Yishmael. Avraham is upset but Hashem tells him to listen to whatever Sara tells him. After nearly dying in the desert, Yishmael is rescued by an angel & G-d promises he'll be the progenitor of a mighty nation.

In a 10th & final test, G-d tells Avraham to take Yitzchak as an offering. Avraham does, but at the last moment, Hashem sends an angel to stop Avraham from killing Yitzchak.
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