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morning prayer and working overnight 3rd shift


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tevet 6, 5773
My usual routine is when I am awake to wash hands netilat yadim. Then I talk to Hashem and then I say my morning blessings, the shema, and Amidah. My work schedule has changed and it means I am going to be working 12am to 9am in the morning. My new schedule means I will be waking up for my day either late afternoon or beginning evening. I will be going home in the morning morning will be night. What should I do regarding washing hands and saying brachot?? Thankyou
When you wake up for your nighttime shift you should do Netilat yadayim, however before the halachic midnight it should be done without a beracha. After midnight, after having gone to the bathroom , you can repeat the netilat yadayim and say it with a brecha. In regard to the rest of birkot Hashachar they may be all said after the hakachik midnight since when you wake for your nightshift it is after your main sleep. According to the mishna brura you may say the beracha ""הנותן לשכוי בינה להבחין בין יוםוכו' even at night, even though it is a brecha which is related to the day. (שו"ע מז: ס"ק לא).
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