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Rabbi Ari Shvat

Shevat 25, 5780
I was speaking with a VERY orthodox student and I asked him: "Why isn't Moses in the Haggadah? (except one time in the middle of a short prayer) he said that now that we are in the Land of Israel, it is not necessary to tell the entire Exodus story..... I had never heard someone say something like that..... Have you ever heard of a yeshiva that teaches something along those lines? If yes, what is the logic behind such a belief?\ Thank you.
Iv'e never heard such an idea, and it sounds suspicious (maybe you didn't understand him). The much more common explanation is that, as opposed to Megilat Esther where God's name isn't mentioned because it's a natural miracle, in Pesach when God first "introduced" Himself to a nation of slaves who were not religious, it had to be done through super-natural and super-convincing miracles, and accordingly, conversely, Moses' name isn't mentioned.
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