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Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tammuz 7, 5779
Whats the source of the usage swearwords from point of view of Judaism? The issue is that minister of Healthcare of Ukraine said swearwords are good for health. I don’t care what the whole word and science say, I listen to judaism only! here they made research and scientific proof.,,
The Rambam (Guide for the Perplexed, 3, 8) points out that there are no dirty words in Hebrew, and even the "bathroom words", which are universally used for foul language, in Hebrew, are all clean and innocent terms, simply borrowed for the bathroom context. Similarly, instead of writing "defiled", the Torah often writes "un-pure". This teaches the logical ideal, that it's undesirable to curse, swear or speak negatively. When someone vents his temper by yelling or cursing, he's simply losing control over his "free will", showing a shallow aspect of character, where he can't express himself verbally or sophisticatedly, but rather reverts immaturely to speak like an uneducated thug, all of which are very negative traits. Additionally, just as we stress modesty in dress, actions and even thoughts, and strictly prohibit any kind of pornography or sexual flaunting or objectifying of women, similarly, the rabbis decreed against speaking crudely and dirty, thus defiling the Godly trait of speech.
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