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Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Iyyar 25, 5779
I sold an item to a fellow in Hong Kong a while back. For some reason, the courier could not leave it, so it was sent back to me. The client contacted eBay for a refund (from me) but eBay decided in my favor. No refund was issued. He has written me frequently about his frustration and he still wants the item. After six weeks of waiting, it was returned to me today. What is my responsibility to him?
It is hard to give a precise answer without knowing the exact details of this business deal, correspondents, rules and regulations of eBay as the business platform. But please let me ask you some questions which may help you come to your own conclusion on this issue. A person ordered something from you, he paid for it and never received it. The item is now back by you. Why in the world would you hold it back? What right do you have? Does this fit with eBay’s rules? Is the issue here, who is responsible for the item originally not being delivered and therefore required to pay for the new shipping? Can you check this with eBay? Shouldn't you be flexible either due to the letter of the law or beyond the letter of the law and offer to pay for the new shipping and gain good reviews for your business???
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