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Koshering a milk Teflon pan used for meat


Rabbi David Sperling

Tishrei 23, 5779
Shalom Rabbi I have a Teflon pan usually used for milk that was used to fry some meat. Thebpan is always used with either oil, butter or a marinade and never just straight frying in the pan. Can the pan be kashered? Thank you
Shalom, Thank you for your question. The laws of koshering a teflon frying pan depend on whether the meat taste was absorbed into the pan whilst the milk taste was still active. That is, was the meat fried in the milk pan within 24 hours of the milk use? If the meat was fried within 24 hours of the pan being used for milk, then the laws of koshering the pan are very strict, and it would need libun chamor – that is to bring it to red hot – something that would probably break the pan. (This is true even though the pan was used with butter or oil, as only a very small amount was used in order that the food not stick, as opposed to deep frying). However, if there was more than 24 hours between the last milk use of the pan and the meat use (or one doesn't know when the pan was last used for milk), then the pan only needs libun kal – which is to heat it up until it is hot enough to singe a tissue. This can be achieved by heating the pan over the fire for several minuets. Blessings.
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