Beit Midrash

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    The Education of Children and Students

    The Great Framework

    We are witness today, on the one hand, to a process of liberation from confining frameworks. On the other hand, we find a desire for a great leader. Concepts which appear at first sight to be paradoxical, are actually two sides to the same coin...

    Rabbi Moshe Chaviv | Kislev, 5763
    V'zot Habracha

    The Written and Oral Torah

    Parashat Vezot Haberacha

    On the one hand, Israel is the bride, and the Written Torah is the groom, influencing the bride with its Divine wisdom. On the other hand, the Oral Torah is given over to the Jewish people like a bride, to be learned, taught, developed, expanded upon, and beautified.

    Rabbi Moshe Chaviv | Tishrei, 5763
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