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    The Laws of Kashrut

    Chalav Akum – Non-Jewish Milk

    Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal | Kislev 14 5781

    The Mitzvah of Levayas Hameis

    Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal | Tevet 15 5780
    Various Subjects

    Understanding the Shalom Zachor

    Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal | Cheshvan 12 5780

    Spain and Germany: Are They Forbidden?

    Since May 8 is VE Day, Victory in Europe Day, that ended World War II in the European theater, I thought it was appropriate to send this guest article from my good friend, Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal.

    Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal | Iyar 4 5779

    Egypt and York: Are We Forbidden to Live There?

    Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal | Tevet 19 5779
    The Meaning of Hanukkah

    The Eight-Day Mystery

    If one only read the Al Hanisim that appears in the Shemonah Esray and benching, one would not know much about the miracle of the oil. Perhaps the lighting is a public manifestation of a miracle that is much more difficult to publicly commemorate.

    Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal | Kislev 28 5779
    Preperation for Shavuot

    Akdamus Practices‏

    Edited by Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff

    Prior to Shavuos in previous years, I published articles on the topics of producing and eating dairy bread, how to make kosher cheese, whether Shavuos is preceded by Parshas Bamidbar or Parshas Naso, and about the laws of making pareve foods. All of these articles can be accessed on This year, I decided to distribute an article by my close friend, Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal, on the Ashkenazic custom of reciting Akdamus on Shavuos.

    Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal | Sivan 3 5777

    Melacha of Dosh‏

    In honor of parshios Vayakheil/Pekudei and the assembly of the Mishkan, it is appropriate for us to study the laws of Shabbos

    Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal | Adar 24 5777
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