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Land Grab ??


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tishrei 24, 5780
Is Israel going to be punished for acquiring the lands Gd specifically told Israel not to (Deut. 2:5,9,19)? Why or why not? (This is about the ten versus seven nations topic)
Definitely not a problem! The Torah already tells us that King Sichon of Heshbon conquered lands of Moab (Bamidbar 21, 26), and the rabbis explain (Gittin 38a) that this seemingly insignificant war between gentile kings, is mentioned to teach us that Moshe didn't conquer the land from Moab, but rather from Sichon, which was allowed. It already hasn't been a problem for 3,000 years, for they haven't been in Moabite, Amonite, or Edomite hands! Clearly, the issue isn't the land, but from who it's conquered. By the way, these lands are still in the hands of the Jordanian Kingdom.
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