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    Can G-d Break Scientific Laws?

    Can G-d break scientific laws? How does Jewish philosophy address the concept of scientific determinism? What is the resolution of the 'debate' between the Rambam and the Maharal regarding whether or not G-d can "change His mind"?

    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel | Tammuz 22 5781
    The 17th of Tamuz

    Introspection on the Seventeenth of Tammuz

    Fast days are occasion for introspection and repentance. After all, we are not fasting over the distant, unrelated past; we are fasting in response to our own present situation. How is it that instead of mourning we remain complacent and indifferent?

    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel | 5764
    Tu Bishvat

    Tu BiShvat - Day for Endearment of the Land

    The Land of Israel is not just "territory." She is not just some place in which we are permitted to live. She is not just a piece of land which sustains us, or a beautiful landscape which enchants us. She is all of these things - and more.

    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel | 5763

    Jacob the Patriarch and the Succot Festival

    Our nation possesses the inner strength - strength which we inherited from Jacob - to take on the challenging and trying difficulties. Even if our Succah appears to be unstable, a mighty spirit fills its openings and reinforces its cracks.

    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel | 5762

    Who is Entitled to be Called "Rav"?

    A necessary requirement of every person who receives rabbinic ordination is to faithfully and selflessly continue the traditions that Moshe Rabbeinu started when he laid his hands upon his pupil Yehoshua Bin Nun.

    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel | Sivan, 5762
    Personality Development

    "Who will ascend the Mountain of God?"

    The Sanctuary's status touches upon one of the most delicate subjects in Judaism. God is the antithesis of all material attributes, existing neither in space nor time. How, then, is it possible to conceive of God as confined to a specific place like the Sanctuary?

    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel | elul, 5761
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