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    Trial and Difficulties in Life


    We all know that tragedy eventually awaits us in one form or another, but we do not and cannot live our lives based on the fear of impending tragedies or inevitable troubles. Built into the human personality and character is the ability to withstand tragedy, and even, to a certain extent, overcome it.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Iyar 22 5781
    3 min
    Trial and Difficulties in Life

    Stress is Good For You!

    Inclined to Recline- "And Yaakov dwelled…."

    Researchers believe that some stress can help to fortify the immune system. For instance, stress can improve how your heart works and protect your body from infection. But on a deeper level, rising to challenges and overcoming them is the essence of life.

    Yaakov Asher Sinclair | Kislev 23 5781
    34 min
    Ein Aya

    Sickness as a "Wake-Up Call"

    Ein Aya Shabbat 2, 242

    As a continuation of the class on "The Different Levels On Which G-d Runs the World", this class is on the different levels of sickness, whether ours or those around us. Just as fast-days are a self-induced weakness, which brings us to analyze our lives, priorities & actions, when God sends a sickness, it's not necessarily a punishment but rather a "wake-up call" to induce soul-searching. Life is comprised of such small incidents, some pleasant & others not, some direct & others less so, to keep us awake that we shouldn't live like robots, but rather utilize our Godly free-will to its utmost extent, keeping our lives meaningful & idealistic. Accordingly, even the "bad" messages are seen by Rav Kook as: The process of gradual good.

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | Cheshvan 21 5781
    Trial and Difficulties in Life


    Rabbi Berel Wein | 5770
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